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Different Drummer Belly Dancers Present

Tribal Village Bloomington
with Carolena Nericcio
& Megha Gavin

March 10-17, 2012

Bloomington, Indiana


Below are some useful links for enjoying your stay in Bloomington. If you have questions and don't see the answer, email ddbdancers@gmail.com.

Note: If driving it will take you 20-25 minutes to get through all of Bloomington. It is a town of 75,000 but close to half of those people will be gone due to it being Spring Break for Indiana University.

DIRECTIONS: Download Finding Tribal Village in Word or PDF format.

Special NOTICE!! If you are a member of ISAMEDT or student or faculty of Indiana University, email ddbdancers@gmail.com for registration information.

Below FAQ Links:

Event Flyers & Schedules | Locations | Directions | Google Maps | Information About Bloomington, IN | Other Hotels | Travel Agent | Transportation | Restaurants | Shopping | Event Organizer | Sponsors | Website & Graphic Design


Event Flyers and Schedules

Flyers! Feel free to print and distribute! Pura & General Skills

Tribal:Pura Schedule in PDF or Word format.

General Skills for ATS© Schedule in PDF or Word format.



Tribal:Village Location

Logo of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Kelley School of Business
1309 E. Tenth Street,
Undergraduate Building
Rooms BU 301 and BU 307
Bloomington, IN 47405



Homewood Suite Hilton, logo
Homewood Suites by Hilton 
1399 Liberty Dr.
Bloomington, IN 47403
Phone: (812-323-0500) or 1-800-CALL HOME

Directions - Get directions at Mapquest.com.

Google Maps of Important Locations

Information About - Bloomington, Indiana

Other Hotels

Travel Agent

For help in getting you the best deals in air fare and travel contact our very own agent Ms. Jena Hanes, 812-325-3929. Let her know you are coming to Bloomington to be part of this event and she will get you the best rates ever. (I use her for arranging Carolena's and Megha's flights.)



These restaurants are recommended. Vegan/vegetarians are noted as well as walking distance from the workshop location.

  • Roots - Vegan/Omnivore - Great food! (Carolena and Megha love this place!) Check out the menu and location.
  • Bloomingfoods - Vegan/Omnivore & Walking Distance- This is a grocery/health food store that also has food and salad bars. There are several locations throughout Bloomington. The downtown or Kirkwood location is walking distance from the workshop. Check out the Google walking map.
  • Bloomington Bagel Company - Vegetarian/Omnivore & Walking Distance - The bagel spot in Bloomington, Indiana. Serves wonderful fresh baked goods and coffee as well as delicious salads. Located right next to the Bloomingfoods Kirkwood location, listed above.
  • Rachael's Cafe - Vegan-Omnivore - Just can't say enough about this wonderful cafe. It serves great coffee. great food and is run by Rachael, a belly dance enthusiast. There is even space in her cafe for some impromptu belly dance performance and yes that means you.
  • Runcible Spoon - Maybe Vegan/Vegetarian/Omnivore & Walking Distance - Very popular with many belly dancers and other people of good taste here in Bloomington. Considered THE place to get breakfast.
  • FARM Bloomington - Omnivore - For some wonderful gourmet food prepared locally FARM is quite famous. It is located in downtown Bloomington.


  • College Mall - 10 minute drive from workshops; has shopping and food places including Target with a Starbucks inside Target. Driving directions from worksop here.
  • Starbucks - We LOVE coffee! Here are the locations in Bloomington. Note: Some coffee and tea will be for sale at the workshops.
  • Downtown Bloomington - Lists everything from shopping to restaurants.


Event Organizer:

Margaret Lion, Director
Different Drummer Belly Dancers 



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