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Different Drummer Belly Dancers Present

Tribal Village Bloomington
with Carolena Nericcio
& Megha Gavin

March 10-17, 2012

Bloomington, Indiana


Adding fun and excitment, plus sometimes needed materials, the below vendors will be joining us at Tribal Village.


  • FatChanceBellyDance© - Come explore and enjoy the merchandise from the FCBD© studio in San Francisco!
  • Devyani - Enjoy this luxurious assortment of ATS items.
  • T-Kitty Belly Dance - Get everything here from crinoline hairfalls, pants, skirts, bindis, and even jewelry! T-Kitty is a great artist and vendor.
  • Red Camel - The Red Came offers a distinctive, ever-changing array of tribal jewelry and textile items from the Middle East, North Africa, India and Central Asia.
  • Magical Fashions - This table will display a wide array of beautiful belly dance items.
  • Liby Ball - A local seamstress and dancer is creating costume pieces.
  • IDDBellyDance - Everything you need for dancing from costumes, music, and the famous book "Looking for Little Egypt" by Donna Carlton.
  • Carenza's Caravan - Costuming, Jewelry & Accessories for Belly Dancers, Fire Artists & Hoopers.



Classes and vending will be held in the Kelley School of Business, 1309 E. Tenth Street, Rooms BU 301 and BU 307, Bloomington, IN 47405

If you wish to vend, please contact Different Drummer Belly Dancers at ddbdancers@gmail.com.

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