Photo of Michelle by Joey Simmons & Louisa AlterMichelleGraphic Designer. Writer. Gamer. Crafter. Drinker. Belly Dancer. Flamenco Dancer. Poi Spinner. Independent Burlesque Performer. Star Citizen. Streamer. Dreamer.

She grew up surrounded by dance. Many members of her family dance, and her
grandpa was a competitive ballroom dancer. Michelle has passed the love of
dance down to her sister, Elizabeth; when she babysat her, they would dance
every day as part of their routine. Since then, Elizabeth has also grown up to
become a talented dancer.
Michelle in pink glasses and a multicolored brain in the background.

Although she had always been mystified by belly dance, after seeing Different Drummer Belly Dancers perform, she resolved to learn how to belly dance herself. Her first class was with Margaret, then Verna, and now Bette Lucas and The Caravanserai Dancers. Dancing and the energy of the crowd always lifts her spirits and gives her a natural high. This has led her to also become a
flamenco dancer with ¡Baila! ¡Baila! Flamenco, learn to spin poi, and break into burlesque.

During the day, Michelle is a full time graphic designer. She also a writer, having written 9 novels and one script, and self published 2 of her books: Helpless and Brains for the Zombie Soul. In addition, she also streams ( Star Citizen and classic NES games.

Michelle's personal motto is:

If we all work together, we can beat this reality thing!

Michelle in a ThunderCats pose!

Michelle dancing Bloomington Belly Dances - 2015 in "All Along the Watchtower." Michelle black and white portrait.

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